About us

We offer information about Discrimination Law and the germane government agencies, For the Commonwealth of Massachusetts the relevant agency is the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD). For the Federal Courts the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) acts as a gatekeeper. Each agency has peculiarities which are not generally known. We can help navigate the system.

We can help you write the necessary documents such as complaints, rebuttals, response, and appeals. The agencies are neutral and don’t really care if you win or lose the case. Because of this neutrality the intake workers and investigators are required to make note of everything you say that could affect your case. For example if you said that “he was mean to everybody” that statement would hurt your case as a key element of discrimination is disparate adverse action. Being mean to everyone is not disparate.

The MCAD generally does not accept mail in complaints from people without an attorney as the complaint usually lacks the elements of a prima facie case. With our help you can write an acceptable complaint and have it mailed in, avoiding the possible problems of an in person intake.

We also help people in the advocacy of speicaal needs education for their children. If you are having trouble in getting the education your child deserves we might be able.to help.

Other areas are unemployment assistance.

A member of the Massachusetts Human Rights Commission (MHRC).